The Environmental Prescription

Message about ENRX

EN Rx, Inc. is a environmental remediation solutions company specializing in chemical oxidation. We pride ourselves on performance and thus are more involved than other chemical suppliers with the design process and provide much more than just chemicals.

Why EN Rx?

If you're new to this website and new to EN Rx products, you may be wondering why EN Rx? The reasons are simple, but many.

  1. EN Rx reagents™ are the safest oxidants on the market. EN Rx reagents™ are stable and slow acting. This helps both above ground keeping people and peripherals safe, and below ground keeping ongoing reactions sustained, minimizing rebound.
  2. EN Rx reagents™ deliver hydroxyl radicals the most powerful oxidizers on the market. Other technologies may deliver hydroxyl radicals, but not with all the above and below characteristics.
  3. EN Rx reagents™ destroy more contaminants than any other product on the market. These are the only safe reagents that can destroy DDT, PCB, PCE, DCA, DCE, and MTBE, and are capable of the challenges of commingled plumes.
  4. EN Rx reagents™ are the least viscous products on the market. The viscosity of EN Rx reagents™ are near that of water. Thus we have injected them into, monitoring wells, open pipes, air sparge wells, SVE wells, or anything that will accept water. They will travel much farther in the ground than any two-part slurry reagent or any double injection activator chased oxidant treatment. They will also penetrate farther into the formation than other products.
  5. EN Rx reagents™ work in all alkalinities. Whether the pH is 5 or 10, EN Rx reagents™ will work.
  6. EN Rx FOCIS™ is a one of a kind injection platform, allowing options for injection that are rearly considered, increaseing effectiveness, providing better cash flow, and guaranteeing success. It is requires no power and can be setup in less than a day.
  7. EN Rx Vertebrae™ is a one of a kind injection well, that eliminates the need for traditional wells, site trenching, and business disruption. It can be installed in 30-40% of the time. It provides better contact and results, ALL for less total cost.
  8. EN Rx, Inc. is a SOLUTIONS COMPANY, not a chemical sales company. We do not just sell our product but we are intimately involved in the design and ultimate success of the project. We stand behind our products and often extend performance guarantees. We may occasionally turn down projects which are not a good fit for our products. We do not want you or us on the wrong end of an unsuccessful project and therefore we're different than other companies.

To learn more about these characteristics and especially safety, please feel free to navigate the site... Or for an exact match to your needs call one of our Experts to discuss some of our unparalleled implementation techniques.